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Patient Success Stories

PCOS was making it hard for me to function in my daily life. I’m used to dosing up through the course of my whole period, on the worst days of cramping having 4 Advil have no effect.

It was so, so, so much better! I didn't have any PMS irritability or intense low energy, and I didn't have to take any Advil over the course of the flow. I just cant even believe that I didn't take a single Advil. I just can’t even believe how different I feel.

Maia F

I felt trapped by GI issues - as though I could not eat anything without feeling some sort of GI discomfort. Once I started the supplements and a more Paleo-informed diet, I was immediately aware that my gut was quiet for the first time... I didn't have to schedule my day (and access to a bathroom TMI) around my gut's needs.

Niti W

I wasn’t getting answers about and I felt like my hands were tied and I couldn’t move forward confidently .... she happily answered all of my questions, left with a solid plan to regain my health my worries were gone about acne, mood, liver enzymes, and fertility. I had a wealth of knowledge and solid plan to regain my health. I’ve come more into balance health wise and feel my body is performing how it is meant to perform, and we are expecting a baby in a few months.

Stephanie C

I was diagnosed with ADD, Social Anxiety and Depression at a young age, and have been given every drug thinkable. After years of dealing with the side effects and frustrations I was ready to find a solution.

With help to understand what makes me tick, we did a lot of work with exercise, supplements and diet to build a healthy living and a satisfied lifestyle.

I wasn’t tired all the time and I was engaging in my relationships at work and at home. I eventually lost a lot of weight for me, I was completing tasks at work, and becoming a valuable part of my department, and most importantly my wife was excited to have me home every evening from work.

Jonathan D

Dr. Ito, is a very sweet and personable physician. I am pre-diabetic, her advice to me has been life changing, I feel 100% better since changing my diet. My only regret is that I did come see her earlier.

Lori B

I was an emotional shitstorm, had no energy. I WAS frustrated with efforts to trim down and kept gaining. I had been to doctors and all I was told was eat right and exercise... I had been exercising and eating healthy throughout my life. Finally this treatment for my hormone condition along with emotional support has helped me tremendously. I was able to get pregnant despite my hormone issues and had energy to go back to school and get my RN. I continue to follow the regimen because it was effective!

Alita RN

Every trip to the doctor's left me feeling like an unheard but very judged crazy person. They would try to force birth control on me that I didn't need or medications that would leave me with more side effects

I feel like finally a part of my physical self again. Since my first appointment just a little over a year ago I have lost 23 pounds. I am no longer a threat to society while PMSing and I can function normally during my period.

Sarah O.

My Son was about to turn 2, but I was still not sleeping well. I had horrible cramps and PMS, felt sluggish and depressed, and suffered from acne that started while pregnant. My temper was so bad I scared myself.

Nothing was working, my doctor was dismissing my symptoms as normal for moms my age. and he was impatient with my need for more information.

Within a couple of weeks from meeting with Dr. Ito, I felt amazing and my symptoms had disappeared. I was under the impression that an ND would just tell me the right dosage of expensive herbs and supplements that I had already been buying but never seemed to do the trick. I was misinformed, now I have thorough understanding in the connections between all of my symptoms which is a strong guiding light on my ideal path to ultimate self care.

L. Kennedy, Raleigh

Before I just did not feel like myself depending on the day, now I feel just so much more energized, emotionally centered, and stable.

I was outside walking and felt an urge to start running which was crazy because that never happens. I usually hate running but I just seem to have more energy for it now. It was really cool to honor the desire to run. I’m noticing my body has the ability to do more than I realized.

Exercise just felt more like a chore before and now it’s something my mind and body NEEDS for me to function at my best self and I didn’t realize the connection before

My skin is so much better and I definitely lost weight but that’s not what changed my relationship to my body. I’m not perfect with my diet but it’s drastically different. I can listen and know immediately what my body does not like, and what it needs—that connection makes it easier. I can actually feel satisfied with one square of dark chocolate, and I feel desire to run.

Katie R

I was not only feeling better within several months, but quickly weaned off of three out of the four medications prescribed to me to manage my pain. It’s gone! My “fibro pain” is gone! I have my energy back, I’m waking up rested- something I hadn’t done in over ten years, I’ve dropped 20 lbs without even trying, and I feel better than I have felt in years. I can still remember the day my husband said, “I’m so happy, I got my wife back”.

I am proud to say that I just earned my “yellow belt” in Tae Kwon Do and broke my first board with a back, sidekick on the first try. I am riding my bike, playing with my family, cooking, and working in my yard. All things that I can now enjoy to do.

Doreen F

Chronic fatigue, gut and focus issues were really impacting my life. During Special Forces selection, I could run marathons with a 50-pound backpack. And then,  just two years later I was struggling to stay awake at work. 

There were several physical injuries I had sustained during that time in the Army,  a broken back and several herniated discs. Doctors told me that I’d have physical limitations and be in pain forever.  I refused to accept that, sought out newer treatments, and had outstanding success healing those injuries and being free of pain without any medications. 

But still, my digestive system was blown out, my hormones and energy felt whacked out, and my health was jeopardizing my career.  I’m not the kind of person to just accept a problem—my response is “let’s find a solution to the problem.”  So I decided to get input from a Naturopathic Doctor.

One month after seeing Dr. Ito and following her protocol I was sleeping better, had more energy, less chronic pain, and my gastrointestinal system was completely back on track. I highly recommend Dr. Ito to anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental health and who wants their body to perform at its maximum potential.

Andrew P. Raleigh, NC

I was crashing badly, experiencing crippling migraines and hypertensive events that kept me from work as well as a normal social life. All the doctors wanted to do was fill me up with drugs. I was feeling miserable with body weakness and my mind was in a fog.

Life became more flexible and serene. I no longer needed to consider drugs, my blood pressure normalized and stressful family issues melted away. I was once again able to enjoy the sanctuary of my garden and even make long term plans with friends and family.

Over the past 2 years we have worked together using methods that have brought harmony and health to my body and spirit. She has guided me through issues with oral health, poor digestion and recently with plantar fasciitis. I feel that my time with Dr. Ito has proven itself helpful as well as enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for real help in the real world.

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